The host and organizer Club is the current Spanish League Champion Jimbee Roldán Fsf. A club with 19 years of history that in its sixth season in the maximum Spanish competition manages to get the league title. The club has teams in the First National Division, Second National Division, ‘Preferete’, Regional Senior, Youth, Cadet, Infantile, Alevín and Benjamín, thus we are schools for Prebenjamines and Chupetas, in a decided bet for the sport benjamín female.

Jimbee Roldan participates in the organization of this women’s soccer event, with the best futsal teams on the continent. The team management appreciates the trust and involvement of all collaborators and sponsors in this sporting event. One of the main objectives that the team acquires with the tournament is to promote the visibility of women’s indoor soccer, and of this sport. The team is committed to the EUROPEAN WOMEN’S FUTSAL TOURNAMENT as a European women’s futsal positioning event.