Shield Team Jimbee Roldán

JIMBEE ROLDÁN FSF – Spanish female soccer club with teams in 1st National, 2nd National, Preferential, 1st Autonomic, Youth, Cadet, Infant, and School with: Alevín, Benjamín and Prebenjamín and Chupetas.

S.L BENFICA – The women’s team of Benfica, militates in the 1st Division of Portugal. In its first year of the creation of the women’s team, the Lisbon club achieved the biggest win in the history of Portuguese women’s football.

Shields team Benfica

TPP ROTTERDAM – The first team belongs to the Women’s Eredivisie, having 2 female futsal teams. He is the current national champion 2017-2018 of the Dutch League.

F.C. AURORA SAINT-PETERSBURG – Russian team, Women’s Indoor Soccer League Champion and Super Cup in Russia, play under the rules of UEFA.

Shield team Aurora ST. Petesburgo
Shield team Intermedia Service

INTER MEDIA SERVICE – Ukrainian leader in futsal among women’s teams. Current champion and winner of the Ukrainian Cup in the last three years. Bronze medalist “Women’s Futsal Nations” and “7 Estrelas International Tournament”.

KICK OFF C5 FEMMINILE – Kick Off C5 Femminile was born in 2003. It’s one of the most prestigious teams in female futsal in Europe. Between their triumphs, they count on 8 regional titles and 7 glasses of Lombardy.

Logo team AZS UAM Poznan

AZS UAM POZNAN – Born from the Polish university Adama Mickiewicza Poznaniu, in 2003. The growing interest in women’s football at that university has made the section play professionally since 2007. Since the 2009 season, AZS UAM Poznań participates in the Polish Academic Championship (AMP has the status of official championship since 2010), and since the 2011/2012 season participates in the matches of the futsal league.

MNK ALUMNUS SC FLEGAR – The croatian team consists of 20 players. Since 2010 the team participates in championships and tournaments with high sports level. So far, MNK ALUMNUS is the champion’s league of Croatian universities. In 2007, the club won the second position in the European Universities Games, in Turkey. In the professional league, the team ranks in the top five since 200/2009. They play in the 1st Division.